Sheryl Sturges

Wellness Facilitator

Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist

(New York State, Washington, DC, Virginia)

CranioSacral Therapist

Independent Reiki Master Teacher

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner


Now Located in Cornwall, NY




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Welcome.   My work as a wellness facilitator is an expression of my commitment to supporting people in harnessing the natural power of their bodies and spirits for optimal health and well-being.

I became interested in holistic healing when I discovered the power of yoga, acupressure and self-hypnosis in birthing my two children in the late 1980's.  As an MBA and energy executive with an international electric power company for 15 years, I experienced first-hand the results of stress and the challenges of juggling parenthood and career.  Living in South Africa for a year, I began exploring subtle energy and took the first of several courses in reiki and other healing disciplines.  When I returned to D.C. in 1997, I studied reiki further and became a reiki master/teacher.  As a teacher I enjoy training clients to use reiki in their own lives, and am certified to give CEU credits for reiki classes to other certified massage therapists and bodyworkers.

I am also a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage.  I graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, D.C. and the Hudson Valley School of Massage, and am an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  I particularly enjoy working with women during and after pregnancy and am certified in pre-natal massage. I have studied CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute since 1997. I also completed the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in 2011.

About The Work

Therapeutic Massage has been practiced for thousands of years.  Through systematic rubbing and manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body, the negative effects of stress and other conditions can be reduced.  Massage can be performed while the client is fully clothed and seated in a specially designed chair, or while the client is unclothed and covered by sheets and rests on a padded massage table.  Therapeutic massage increases the circulation of blood and lymph fluids, relaxes the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, relieves muscle spasm and tension, and strengthens the immune system, among other things.  Says Sandra Mclanahan, M.D., a family practitioner:  "Massage therapy is beneficial for almost all diseases.  Eighty percent of disease is stress-related, and massage reduces stress." Scientific studies over the last 20 years have proven the effectiveness of massage when applied to the following conditions: Arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic and acute pain, circulatory problems, headache, immune function disorders, insomnia, low weight gain problems of premature infants, sports injuries, stress, temporomandibular joint dysfunction [TMJ] and pregnancy-related conditions.

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle method of detecting and correcting restrictions in the craniosacral system.  

The craniosacral system includes the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that protect the brain and spinal cord.  It extends from the top of the skull to the tailbone area.  When this system is not in balance, the work of the brain and spinal cord are less than optimal.  By releasing blockages and encouraging balance, craniosacral therapy strengthens the body's ability to take care of itself.  Conditions that have responded to craniosacral therapy include: migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, scoliosis, TMJ, learning disabilities, stress and tension-related problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and orthopedic problems.  Clients rest on a comfortable padded table during the craniosacral therapy session and are fully clothed.

Reiki is an ancient Eastern energy-based hands-on system of healing.  In Japanese, Rei ki means universal life energy.  Reiki is a technique for accessing the universal healing energy that surrounds the earth and transmitting it through the practitioner's hands to the client.  From there the reiki energy interacts with the client's energy system (the basis for acupuncture and other Eastern healing systems) and strengthens the client's natural self-healing capacity.  Sessions are performed while the client is fully clothed, and can take place while the client is seated or lying down.  Clients usually report a feeling of peace and stress reduction during and after a reiki session. 

Increasing numbers of hospitals and clinics, including George Washington University Health Plan [DC], Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center [NY], Stanford University Hospital [CA], and Harvard Community Health Plan have supported the training of their employees in reiki, offer reiki to patients, or have used reiki to help patients recover more quickly from surgery. Like craniosacral therapy and massage, reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, and therefore has been supportive in clients dealing with health issues ranging from asthma and arthritis to headaches, pain management, and TMJ.  Reiki is a complementary therapy and is often applied at the same time as conventional medical techniques. 

Glyconutritional Products:  Good nutrition is imperative for building optimal health.  I work with clients using leading-edge glyconutritional products to support their immune and endocrine systems, lose fat and keep it off, and enhance their sports performance.  Glyconutritional products are substances that researchers have found our cells need in order to communicate, but are not in our modern diets. They are not found in vitamin and mineral supplements.  Please call for more information, visit to learn about the emerging science behind these products, or log onto my associate website at for information on specific products.


Session Information

Sessions normally take place in my home studio. We do not have waiting room facilities; please be conscious of that in planning your arrival time in case I am with another client. 

By special arrangement, I may be able to travel to your home, to offices or other locations . There is an additional travel fee for this service, depending on the location. 

Typical sessions last 1 hour.  The rate for all types of work is $80/hour or $110 for ninety minutes.

Please allow an additional 20 minutes for preparation and discussion at each session.  For the first session, please allow 45 minutes.

If clients arrive late, the time available will be used for a session, and it will be billed as a one-hour session.  Cancellations received less than 24 hours before the session are billed at full rate.  Clients are granted one cancellation/year without charge for cancellations due to events beyond their control.

Discounts are available for making referrals, for regular customers who buy multiple visit cards, and as gift certificates for family and friends.  Ask me about these for details.


Contact Information

Sheryl Sturges

Cornwall, NY

[845] 458-5414